Belly Breathing As A Method In Healing Panic Disorders

bbaamIf you suffer from panic disorder, you have probably felt like you’re losing air. Breathing is often disrupted when having a panic attack, so it is important to know how to breathe properly. Not all the people breathe in a good way, so if you have problem with panic, you should learn the breathing techniques for prevention’s sake.

How to control panic attacks by breathing

People usually breathe in a way they lift their upper side of their body and you can see them how they move their shoulders and chest up and down. The truth is that lungs are settled in a chest area, but it does not mean that we have to put too much attention on our chest breathing because it is too low. The proper breathing includes belly. Belly is consisted of muscles and when we bread, we should work with these belly muscles. They will lift the diaphragm and make the air go in lungs. By doing so, we enable our lungs to breath as much air as possible. When having panic attacks, we usually breathe low and hyperventilate. So belly breathing will definitely help. You can practice the technique every day, little by little. And when the panic comes, you can focus on breathing.

Healthy Diet Helps Reducing Anxiety And Depression

Students who prepare for exams may sometimes feel anxious about it. They worry whether they will pass the exam or not. Such anxious feelings are completely normal and should not worry you if you are a student who is nervous before exam. But if a person feels anxiety all the time, then it’s called disorder and should be treated like a disease. If you rather prefer alternative ways of healing, then you will like to know how to control anxiety in a natural way.

One of the methods is to exercise and live a healthy life in general. This means that diet is also important when facing anxiety. It is proven that food rich in nutrients like fruits, nuts and veggies can help people who feel depressed and anxious. Fresh strawberries, bananas and nuts will help you to feel good. Choose a fruit you like the most and eat it every day. There is nothing wrong in doing it because it’s healthy and can only do you good. Besides influencing your body, fruit you like will influence your mood in a positive way, and that’s exactly what you are trying to achieve – to feel better! Of course, there are some other, not so healthy foods that are making us happy, but only for a short time.

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